Dynasty eSports Attending Gfinity Halo Invitational

Sat 25th Oct 2014 - 10:47am

It is official! Dynasty Halo will be attending the first Gfinity Halo invitational. The roster secured a place at the tournament and will be attending the London Venue on 29th of November, just days after the highly anticipated Insomnia53 tournament. It is set to be a busy week for the lads from Dynasty Halo but we have no doubt they will perform to the best of their ability.

There will unfortunately be a small change from our Insomnia53 roster of Adz, Havoc, Gaskin and Snipaul. @FeeLoster (Brutality) replacing Dynasty Snipaul for the Gfinity competition so a big thanks to Lee for stepping in at such short notice.

With some of the best European teams confirmed to compete for the best part of £2000 there is no doubt that it will be a hardly fought tournament. (Team list found below)


Here is a list of our competition going into the highly anticipated Gfinity event.

Infused: Buk20, Gripz, Vard, Reaction

TCM: Chalie, Ramirez, Riotz, TuFoxy

Vibe: Septic, Fragby, Fuzn, Beej

VWS: Snakey, Flamez, Snip3drone, Deany

Dynasty: Adz, Brutality, Gaskin, Brutality

TEC: Smithy, Lethal, Adamack, Jimbossity

MGS: Talic, Botinus, Renox, MaxSinder

T2K: Tekk, Manatee, Guardian, Cyborg

Almasty: Slyzer, sSigma, SiLeeeNT, Unwize

BH3.eSports: Sanka, Razor, Hurrikane, Maze VI

eQ A4D: Az, Valadan, Flameshy, Jools


The event will be livestreamed throughout the weekend on, featuring some familiar Halo casters to keep you entertained, so even if you miss out on a spot at the event, you’ll still get to see all the action unfold! 




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