The Official Dynasty eSports Call of Duty Roster

Tue 11th Nov 2014 - 3:30pm

After Insomnia 52 we decided to part ways with our Call of Duty roster leaving an opening. After leaving it some months and looking through various applications we decided to act along with the new release of Call of Duty advanced warfare.

Fortunately for our staff, all the years of playing competitive Call of Duty payed off and we soon found a roster we believe to be suitable to represent Dynasty eSports for future events to come. Unfortunately the roster will not be attending Insomnia 53 but they will be representing us online and at events such as EGL, Insomnia54 and Am 2 Pro.

Please meet, Dynasty Call of Duty.


Name:Jordan Burton



LAN Experience: Insomnia52 (T6)

Previous Orginistations:Equi eSports, Insight 

Hobbies: Football, Gaming, Gym


Name: Jake Martin (C)

Age: 17

Lives: Reading

Twitter: @Dynasty_Jmar

LAN Experience: i51 (T24), EGL 13 (T24), i52 (T8)

Previous Organisations: VanQuish, CAZ, eRadicate.

Hobbies: PC Gaming, CoD, CoD and more CoD


Name: Yassin Zafar

Age: 16

Lives: West London, Ealing

Twitter: @Dynasty_He5k

LAN Experience: EGL11 EGL12 EGL13 i51

Previous Organisations: Conquest, Vanquish, eNigma

Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Halo, COD



We are glad to have the guys on board and we are positive that they will be representing for the foreseeable future.




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