Dynasty League of Legends LANDAY Recap

Thu 30th Oct 2014 - 7:01pm : Gaming


 LANDAY is an annual LAN event held in Belguim. This year it took place from the 24th-26th of October 2014. Dynasty Gaming agreed to send Dynasty's League of Legends team to this event to begin their rampage throughout the European League of Legends community. After the event we caught up with Dynasty Rival to get the low down on how the event went.

Here is what Dynasty Rival had to say about LANDAY.

"Landay was a small, fun and very well organised LAN. We’ve had lots of fun with the games and after
it. Getting a drink, having a talk,…. With various other organizations like Sector One, B,RB WC,
Ka’Razi,…. The performances on the LAN were good although it was a pity that we didn’t advance to
the finals because of the 3-way tie breaker."

This is how the games went down:

 - First round versus Time to scheur: Loss A hard game that ended in a loss.

The biggest reason Dynasty did not play very well during this game was due to the early start, while this is not an excuse it is a factor to be taken into account. Dynasty had no time to fully get going and had to start the game immediately without any warmup game. Unlike the enemy team who was well awake. This match really woke the team up and gave them the motivation to defeat everyone else on our path through the brackets.


- Second round versus yordles stole my elo: Win.

This game wasn’t much of a struggle, every lane did really well and some rotations secured us the safe victory over our opponents in a pretty short game.


- Thirth round versus Mongolian throat singers: Win.

This game was quite fun because Dynasty's League of Legends team manager Jovi “Rival” De Croock was the marksman for the other team during this game. It was very amusing to play versus him in a tournament. Burpenen really got going in this game with the jayce pick and got himself a clean quadra kill. This game was a pretty secure victory overall.


- Fourth round versus Sector One Clover DivisionWin.

This was a really tight and nice game. Dynasty did very well in laning phase, they executed some nice rotations and dragon fights but were a slightly slow in the midgame, which costed Dynasty some more time to finish the game. Suddenly Dynasty picked up the pace again, and just started steamrolling their base and bruteforced the game into a really nice victory.


- Fifth round versus Sector One (winners of the event): Loss. 

Dynasty put up a very good fight. Dynasty actually lasted the longest of all teams that attended and Sonic had a very nice KDA of (10-5-7). Dynasty did very well for competiting against a challenger team like Sector One.


- Sixth game versus indra gaming: Win.

This game was all about going fast. Dynasty were pretty sure theywould win, it was only a matter of time. They knew if they wonn this match they would continue to the semi-finals BUT, if Time To Scheur won from Sector One Clover Division it would be a three way tiebreaker. Dynasty expected Time To Scheur to lose because Sector One:Clover Division looked stronger but after a very close game Sector One:Clover Division eventually lost from Time To Scheur and so the tiebreaker occured. This is why Dynasty had to finish as fast as possible versus indra gaming (the rules stated that when a tie breaker occurs, the times in which the games are finished are counted and the team with the fastest games goes through) although Dynasty finished in 20 minutes and the other teams in more then 30 minutes they deceided to use a different system to decide which team goes to the semi-finals. This was very unfortunate for Dynasty.

"Anyway, we had a lot of fun at this LAN and met a lot of new friends. We will keep on trying to
improve as much as we can, and keep destroying the kitties." - Dynasty Rival


Now its time to announce the MVP of the team: 


The team has voted that during the LANDAY tournament Sonic was elected as the MVP. He was the most consistent player with the best KDA from the Dynasty League of Legends team. Sonic even managed to get 9th place on the leaderboards of the LAN, even with the fact he only played 6 games. This couldnt be more possible without the help of his wonderful support Healmodos.



LANDAY proved to be a huge success for Dynasty's League of Legends team and Dynasty Gaming as an organisation. With the finalised overall placement of joint 3rd. Both the team and members of staff at Dynasty are pleased with this placement, and are keen to see them continue this rampage throughout the rest of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.




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