Dynasty eSports Counter Strike Global Offensive Roster Announced

Thu 6th Nov 2014 - 6:33pm : Gaming

It has been a long time coming but it is now official. The NEW Dynasty CS GO roster is here!

After various talks with a majority of rosters we finally agreed terms with a highly skilled and experienced Norweigen Roster. With over 20+ LAN's under their belts this Roster is known as one of the best in Norway and we will be striving for the top spot.


So meet the new Dynasty eSports Counter Strike Go Roster.


Name: Daniel Sommer
Handle: Concker
Age: 23
Lives: Oppland, Norway
Lan Experience:

Playtime Gathering 06 - 1st place - #GIC

Playtime Gathering 07 - 1st place - #GIC 

Raufoss Gathering 07 - 1st place - #GIC

The Gathering 2007 - 8th place - #Fragmode

The Gathering 2008 - 4th place - #Texture

Previous Teams: Battlestar.css,epic5, Aftershock,, DnX.VIKING
Hobbies: Cars, show and driving, Audi's. Music, Guitar.



Name: Anders Treider
Handle: xavii
Age: 21
Lives: Oslo, Norway
LAN Experience:

[CS:S] - Infected 1 - 1st

[CS:S]- Infected 2 -1st

[CS:S]- Infected 3 - 1st

[CS:GO] - Gigacon2014 - 11th

Previous Organisations: Defcon, Neptune
Hobbies: Gaming, Movies and RockNroll



Name: Joachim Nielsen
handle: Dream Catcher^
Age: 23
Lives: Troms, Harstad Norway
Lan Experience:

GatewayLAN 08 (Stavanger) - 1st

Bylan 08 css (Bergen) - 5th

Bylan 08 1v1 css (Bergen) - 2nd

Warpzone 21 (Stavanger) - 1st

Bylan 09 1v1*koth* css - 1st

Bylan 09 (Bergen) - 1st

Bylan 09 css (Bergen) - 5th

Previous Teams: Takeoff, defcon, hsg, demise, openfire uk, epic5, TDA 1.6
Hobbies: drums, guitar, fotball (CHELSEA)





Name: Daniel Ytterdal
handle: Weak
Age: 23
Lives: Oppland, Norway
LAN Experience:

The Gathering 2010 with Vengeance - 5th
The Gathering 2012 with - 1st
The Gathering 2014 with - 1st

Pevious Organisations: and

Hobbies: Computer(Hardware and software) and Cars(show and shine).


You can ready more about the Dynasty CS GO Roster HERE




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