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It seems a long long time since we participated at Insomnia52. Since then a lot has changed, not only with the new Dynasty eSports roster but also with the announcement of Halo Master chief collection. Heading into Insomnia53 we have high expectations, not only after last years placement but due to the incredible new roster we have made to compete with the very best in Europe.


Just a quick recap. At Insomnia52 our Halo roster consisting of Adz, Sparkey, Snipaul and Walrus managed a top 6 placement with two of the four players finishing in the top 6 of the FFA giving us 2nd seed in the 4v4. (Adz 3rd, Paul 6th)


As stated above the roster has since then changed and we officially announce our new roster consisting of Adz, Snipaul, Havoc and Gaskin. It took time to finally get the roster sorted but we couldn't be happier with the final result. Adz and Paul we rated highly after I52 and believed that with the right two players that they could easily break into the top ranks of European Halo eSports. With the arrival of Havoc and Gaskin we automatically gain great experience with both players attending and winning previous LAN events. 


Introducing the Roster;

Adam ‘Adz’ Malvern

Name: Adam Malvern
Age: 20
Lives: Edinburgh, Scotland
LAN Experience: Glasgow LAN 1, Glasgow LAN 2, ECL Liverpool, Edinburgh FFA, StokeLAN, ECL Blackpool, Insomnia 52
Placements: 3rd, 2nd, 16th, 3rd, 3rd, 11th, 6th (3rd in the FFA)
Previous Organisations: Devour eSports, LiNK Gaming.
Hobbies: Anything Liverpool Football Club related, Watching Game of Thrones, Running.


Paul 'Snipaul' Winn

Name: Paul Winn
Age: 22
Lives: Leicester, England
LAN Experience: i52 (insomnia)
Placements: 6th, (6th FFA)
Previous Organisations: None
Hobbies: Passion for marketing, Liverpool FC, Documentaries, Music Hunting.


Liam'Havoc' Peck

Name: Liam Peck
Age: 19
Lives: Kildare, Ireland
LAN Experience: AvT WellyLAN 2011, Irish Halo Championships 2013, Irish Halo Summer Championships 2013, I51 and i52
Placements: 7th, 2nd, 1st, 5th, 5th,
Previous Organisations: FourGone Conclusion
Hobbies: Gym, Music, Rugby, American Football.


Daniel 'Gaskin' Gaskin

Name: Daniel Gaskin
Age: 23
Lives: Bristol, England
LAN Experience: TSG 5 - XL1,2,3,4,5,6 - EGL1 & 9 - iseries 36,38,49,50,51*,52* - *Weren't for Halo
Placements: 4v4: 3rd XL6, 4th i38, 4th i49, 4th i50 - FFA: 8th
Previous Organisations: Infused, eQ, Rasta, vVv
Hobbies: Sports, Gaming, Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Karting.

To read more about each individual player please check out their bio's found HERE.

We then asked Dynasty Adz three quick questions about the new roster and the up and coming Insomnia53 event. Here is how it went down;


What are your thoughts on the new Dynasty Halo roster? – I honestly couldn’t be happier with the line-up, it’s the perfect blend of ability and experience. I can’t wait to get started!


How do you think the squad has improved since Insomnia 52? – The squads strengthened in every aspect. Vitally though I feel we’ve added that experience we desperately lacked last time out.


Out of the teams attending Insomnia 53, who would you like to play most and why? – At this exact moment in time eQuonix.A4D are the ones that jump out immediately. Would love to match them again and get some revenge after i52. Other than that I’d relish the opportunity to play one of Infused, VwS, TCM, TEC or Xenex.


If you were to predict a placement Insomnia 53 what would it be? – FIRST! Seriously though, it’s a bit premature to give any realistic kind of prediction, taking into consideration the fact we haven’t even played a game together yet. I’d love to improve on the 6th place finish at i52, though I’m very aware with the influx of top competition this will prove difficult. Maybe we’ll finish 5th, I know that’s Liam’s (Havoc) favourite placement!


Finally, we are so happy about how the roster has turned out and we have no doubt that the guys will perform to the best of their abilities at the up and coming Insomnia53 event in Coventry. We are proud to have them representing us and they will no doubt conduct themselves in a very professional manner.




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