The OBJ: The Underrated

Tue 18th Nov 2014 - 8:29pm : General : Gaming

“Get in the Hardpoint!” “Capture that Flag!” and “Plant the Bomb!” are some of the most used words in Call of Duty. Yet the player who carries out these exact actions are unmined and overshadowed by the players that slay their way through the opposition by the likes of Scump and Karma. But if it wasn’t for these players, the OBJs, then the plays which win games, would never be made.


Think of it this way, if it hadn’t have been for Proofys ace against EG in the X Games, OpTic may have never proven everyone wrong and won the Gold Medal. Obviously we can’t just assume that, but let’s just say that is the case. the same could be said about any flag run to win a match or any Hardpoint lockdown in any situation.


   Regardless of when or where the situation, the OBJ calls the shots. Some may say it’s the captains duty to be pushing these plays, but in the most cases the OBJ is the captain. Why is that? My belief it is that it is because the OBJ is the most important role.


The slayers main role is to protect the OBJ. In order to protect the OBJ they must do their job and slay the opposition before they can get anywhere near to the objective, making them the most important player on the team.


Despite this factor, a lot of the spotlights are on the slayers abilities as that is where most of the action lies.


Granted, if it wasn’t for them it would make the objective players lives harder, but thats when the OBJ comes into their own. Not only can they lock down an objective, they can defend it too. Lets take Teepee for instance.


No doubt, one of the greatest Objective players, let alone players to have ever graced Call of Duty. His ability to capture and hold an objective is second to none. This has been evident by the amount of championships this guy has won. Obviously he couldn’t have done it alone. He did he have an extremely talented team with him.


But you rarely hear the casters or other players talk about some “sick play” Teepee made on the flag. Now i didn’t say “never”. I said rarely. The sights are usually on the slayers as they pick up 6, 7 or even 8  killstreaks and wipe the floor with the opposition.


You look at the stats post match and they mostly look towards the K/D ratio (Kill to Death ratio, for all those that didn’t know.) Rarely looking at the objective stats. How ever when they do look at them, it is in a brief overlook.

This doesn’t mean that the objective player is thought nothing of, the way i see it, the objective player is more like an underrated superstar. They really do not get the praise and limelight that they deserve and that’s why i wrote this article. Not to belittle the slayers, but to empower those who play the objective role. You are vital to the team. And i hope to see more OBJs making a name for themsleves instead of the same old Slayers



Chris Curtis

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