Counter Strike

Counter Strike
  • Concker

    Daniel sorts out the technical work and has been playing Counter Strike since 2004, starting of with 1.6 and is a real life friend with team mate Weak, adding natural chemistry to the roster. Known from teams like Battlestar.css,epic5,Aftershock and More

  • Cryptiz

    Marius has played Counter-Strike since 2004. He found himself mostly playing Counter-Strike Source and recently made the switch to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Real life friend with Dreamcatcher and has played with many of the teams members in previous clans like epic5 and HSG. Cryptiz is a defensive player and prefers to hold vantage points through out the rounds although he has the ability to flick the switch to a more aggressive play style if he feels that it's needed....Read More

  • DC

    Joachim deals with all the tactical and structure through the team. He has been playing source since it came out and started off with condition zero on its release way back in the days. His main specification is the AWP....Read More

  • xaviistar

    Anders has played Counter-Strike since 2003 and has been playing along side DreamCatcher and Cryptiz since 2005. Anders is a stable player you can always depend on to stay calm and clutch up....Read More

  • Weak

    Daniel has played Counter-Strike for 8 years. Real life friend with Concker, which makes teamwork and communication alot easier. He is considered as the all-rounder in the team....Read More