League of Legends

League of Legends
  • Dynasty_Rival

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  • Fifty

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  • Burpenen

    Burpenen is the team midlaner and captain of Dynasty League of Legends. He is a very motivated individual and always wants to achieve the best outcome in any given situation. Burpenen has been playing League of Legends since early season 2....Read More

  • Sonic

    Sonic is the co-creator of Kitty Destroyers and is playing League since season 1,he first mained top for about a year but then switched over to botlane where he mained marksman. Sonic always liked the competetive scene about League that's why he wants to enter as many tournaments possible....Read More

  • Dedication

    Im Thomas ' Dedication ' Peeters and i've been playing league of legends since the start of season 2. My cousin Bart ' Lycan ' Peeters introduced me into the game and from that moment i fell in love with it. After swapping between alot of roles, i noticed that top lane fits me the best because i can tank the damage for my team or engage fights to victory....Read More

  • Lycan

    I'm Bart Peeters aka Lycan and I'm the jungler for the team Kitty destroyers. I've been playing League of legends since mid season one.A friend told me about this awesome game so I checked it out, since then I've just kept on playing and tried to get better every year. I do not attend school anymore but I've a job at an American company which produce the best quality of isolation, the company is located in Tessenderlo. Besides work and League of legends I also have a passion for fitness/bodybuilding which I've been practising for about two and a half years now. When I've some spare time left I like to go out with friends....Read More